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The Rainbow Stacker

The Rainbow Stacker

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Challenging and entertaining: The rainbow stacking game is a new type of learning toy for children. Nesting and stacking rainbow blocks of different colors and sizes is the perfect learning toy for your child. Used as stacking and nesting toys or tabletop toys to care for children in classrooms and gatherings.
2. Silicone Rainbow Stacker Toy: This silicone rainbow stacker toy is highly durable and easy to clean, providing unlimited possibilities for sensory play and innovative expression.
 Compared with traditional wooden rainbow stacking toys, this product is soft, flexible and easy to clean. It can also be used around water and will never cause residue.
4. Benefits for children: This is a traditional teaching toy. It can help increase children's imagination and coordination, fine motor skills, spatial vision and creativity, and improve hand-eye coordination and color and shape detection abilities.
5. Ideal Gift: Your child will fall in love with this rainbow stacking toy. The perfect Christmas or birthday gift.

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Thank you Jack & Juno for my new romper! My newborn looks adorable!

- Annabelle Stewart -